Colmar, ideally located on the Alsace wine road

Discover the city centre of Colmar

Colmar is one of the symbolic cities of Alsace. Situated between Strasbourg and Mulhouse, Colmar is an inescapable stage thanks to its monuments and its typical districts. Just a step from the historic district of " Little Venice ", in the center of Krutenau, the hotel Turenne allows you to discover a magnificent conservation area, with its colored half-timbered houses.

The site owes its name to the alignment of houses along the river Lauch. Discover all the story of this river by letting you guide in boat or stroll on foot on the numerous decks.

Continue then up to the place of the cathedral to visit the St Martin collegiate church. A little further, you will find the church of the Dominicans, with inside its sculptures and paintings as “The Virgin in the Bush of Rose" of Martin Schongauer.

Continue towards Koïfhus, or more collectively called The former customs. This building seduces by its atypical roof in varnished colored tiles.

It was formerly used as city hall, chamber of commerce or school.

Pursue your road towards an architectural jewel, the House Pfister, with its oriel in two floors and its wooden gallery. Dated from 1537, with its turrets and paintings, it lets contemplate.

You can visit Colmar all the year long. A putting in original light, varying in intensity and in color, takes place from the nightfall every Friday and Saturday.

From the end of November to the end of December, take place the famous Christmas market.

Download the plan of Colmar
Parc à Colmar

Museums and cultural heritage 

Colmar stands out by its architecture but also by the quality of his museums. The hotel Turenne suggests you places you may not miss:

And nearby:

Les canaux de la Petite Venise de Colmar

Relaxation and sports in Colmar

By staying in the hotel Turenne, you are situated near the pedestrian and trade streets.

Offer yourselves one day shopping and end this moment of relaxation by one film show. Nearby: cinemas the Colisee (Art films) and the multiplex Mega CGR.

For sportsmen, take advantage of the swimming pool Aqualia, the boating center Colmar / Houssen or the golf of Ammerschwihr.

In only 30 minutes driving, Vosges and its ski resorts, but also its numerous mountain biking and hiking circuits. The closest is Called White Lake / Kaysersberg (altitude of 1200 metres).

La statue de la Liberté version colmarienne, réalisée par Bartholdi

Local culinary specialities

Take advantage of your stay in Alsace to discover a multitude of restaurants and picturesque "Winstubs", emblems of the Alsatian gastronomy.

The opportunity also to taste the regional specialities such as :

  • The famous sauerkraut with its different cooked meats (Sürkrüt)
  • Baeckeofe, hotpot molds with 3 meats and potatoes
  • The “Flammekueche”, some blazed onion tarts cooked in plenty different ways
  • The cooked pork Alsatian meats : meat sausage, liver sausage (Lewerwurst), black blood pudding  Büreblüetwurst), knacks, white sausage cooked with herbs (Brodwurst), smoked ham, gendarmes (hey yes we eat them here!)
  •  The foie gras
  • The « Presskopf » (pork brawn)
  •  The Alsatian snails (Schnecke)
  • The liver quenelles (Lewerknepfle)
  • The braised knuckle of pork (Wädele)
  • The pie of the Munster valley (meat pie)
  • The potatoes rounds (Grumbeerekiechle)
  • The Kugelhopf (brioche with raisins)
  • Bredele (small cookies)
  • The Pretzel

Some gourmet addresses:

Façades à colombages et décorées de géraniums

Wine road and typical villages 

Join in a few minutes the Wine road of Alsace and its magnificent villages such as Kaysersberg, Riquewihr, Ribeauvillé, Eguisheim, Turckheim …

Our favourite Winemakers :

  • Domaine Karcher Robert et Fils - 11 rue de l’ Ours 68000 COLMAR:
  • Domaine Schoffit - 68 Nonnenholzweg 68000 COLMAR (tél. 03 89 24 41 14) :
  • Froehlich Fernand et Fils- 29 rue de Colmar 68150 OSTHEIM
  • Vins Becker 2-4 route d’Ostheim 68340 ZELLENBERG (tél.
  • La Cave Wolfberger Chemin de la Fecht 68000 COLMAR:

To advise you in your visits and gourmet wine tourism :

L'Ancienne Douane à Colmar